September 22, 2017

Work With Us

Affiliate Program

Prices from $350 to $1,200 per year for first position in your listing city!

BUT if you act now we will wave fees!

How would you like to increase your initial investment of $350.00 per year by a factor of 10 or even 50 times. It is not only possible, its very probable. The LED Factory is always on the lookout for qualified personal to help in the installation and/or service of our custom LED installations.  Potential clients will see your name on a list of pre qualified service and installation technicians and know that have been properly trained and screened by us.

We sell our products world wide and have the ability of increasing your business without you doing anything other than making a small investment. If you get one account your investment will have more than paid for itself. In many cases our customers are looking for service as a part of their professional package.

Certified licenced electrical contractors or electricians have an added incentive in becoming one of our installers because it means you are capabile of doing more than the module installation. You will be skilled in doing all the line voltage electrical installations which will make your initial investment grow substantially more.

All you have to do to get started in send us your contact information from the form below and we will contact you with further details.

*NOTE: All LED Factory qualified installers are NOT required to buy/sell or distribute our services.

We are not looking for dealers, we just want your skills!!!

Event Rental Agencies

We have been getting numerous inquiries about purchasing our LED pedestal and plant holders.  It seems they are more and more popular at wedding and other events.

So for this reason we are interested in working with event planners for discounted bulk buys and exclusive rental territories.

This will be addressed on a first come first serve basis and many lucrative territories and cities are still available.

If you are interested in working with us as a qualified installer or to get more information on our event rental specials