September 22, 2017



What we provide you is is as varied as your imagination.  The products we create as for the most part in the residential and commercial sector.  We can LED panels to a entertainment center that you are looking at putting in your basement.  How about a few rows of LED modules behind the shelves in your bar so you can have palm tress swaying in the wind behind all your booze!!

Do you have an old fireplace that you haven’t or can’t use anymore? Do you want to do something with it instead of using it as a barren dust collecting hole in the wall?  We can build you a custom LED insert to put in the so you can show family pictures or have a look of an aquarium.  All of this can be controlled by your smart phone.

We will work with you, your designer, architect and even your general contractor to make this a seem less project.  We can send you a finished product that all you have to do is install it and have your electrician provide power for.  You don’t have an electrician? we can help with that to, we have a growing list of authorized electricians and  installers that can take of all your installation and service needs.  But we have made this whole process so simple that almost anyone can take this on.


We need your ideas.  Tell us what you are thinking, what you have in mind.  Send us a drawing, send us some pictures send us anything and everything you have in mind for your space.

Or send us nothing and have us read your mind and we will figure something out for that empty space you have in the corner of that room that no one ever goes into that annoys you!!!